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Use HDPE pipes to ensure water quality

Currently, some families’ water systems still use galvanized iron pipes. This pipe has been installed for a long time and is not suitable for saline soils, so it is easy to rust which affects water quality. In order to ensure water quality as well as water pressure, customers should replace with HDPE plastic pipes with […]

How to check when the volume of water used in the month is abnormal

In case of detecting an abnormal increase in the volume of water used in the month, customers can check the water system in the following order: Turn off all equipment that use water, including water to the tank. See the clock indicator. Wait 5 minutes, if the clock is still spinning, that means there was […]

Procedures to repair pipes, lift and move water meters

Introduce to customers who require pipe repair or lifting, moving water meters. 1. Customers contact directly to customer service center BWACO 02543 59 59 59 Inform the customer service staff of the following : – Address that require repair, water clock lifting and moving – Existing status of the work – Request changes, repair, execution […]